Interactive Archive Demo Design: Daniel Spangler

The third part of the project is an interactive exhibition platform. The video data accessible through the interactive archive is interfaced through a two-tiered navigable Quicktime movie.

On the tier below are phone interviews with the featured characters, coupled with staged scenes of life in prison reenacted by a group of high-school actors, and shot at an abandoned prison in Michigan.

On the tier above is material drawn from over 50 hours of interviews with individuals who were involved with the crime, the arrest and the sentencing of the featured inmates. Among them judges, lawyers, police officers, reporters, wardens, teachers, child psychiatrists, legal experts and victims’ family members. The interviews are grouped in association with each of the featured inmates’ stories and are selected by moving the cursor to the right or left side of the image.

Design: Daniel Spangler // Programming: Chris Collins // Technical Consultant: Nick Briz // Sound Mixing: Elyse Blennerhassett // Editing Assistant: Alexa Tamar Smith

The Interactive Archive was produced with a grant from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of the The Voqal Fund administered by Chicago Filmmakers.