The installation version of Natural Life, designed in collaboration with Ivan Martinez, consists of a two-channel projection, constituting an enclosed corner within the larger gallery space. The corner is arrived at through a defined exhibition area, which itself is designed to embody portions of the information (statistical; historical) that the video project depicts. A cast of five sets of the standard issue bedding (a pillow, a bedroll) given to prisoners upon their arrival to the facility, are arranged on raw-steel pedestals in the area leading to the video projection. The sets, scaled down to kid size and made of a stack of crumbling and thin sheets of material resembling deposits of rock, are cast in concrete. Individually marked with the date of birth and the date of arrest of each of the five prisoners featured in the documentary, they thus delineate the brief time the inmates spent in the free world.

Natural Life at MOCAD, Feb - March 2015