Natural LIFE: A CASE STUDY (Work in ProgreSs)

Revisiting Juvenile life without parole: The question of Parole and Remorse in the story of one juvenile sentenced to life

The film, an extension of Natural Life, will tell the story of Efren Paredes, a Latino teenager from Michigan, who was sentenced to life without parole at age fifteen for a murder he claims he did not commit. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling declaring juvenile life without parole unconstitutional, the sentencing practice is being revisited nationally. However, parole boards look for inmates to show remorse and take responsibility for their actions. What happens if you claim innocence and are unable to admit guilt? Caught in this catch-22, inmates like Efren Paredes do not stand a chance.

What We Need

We have completed most of the shooting for the project and are now in need for funding that would cover its post production costs, which include editing, sound design and color correction.